Antique lace is back

Coptic binding – pale pink linen, antique lace, waxed linen thread, paper, board, inner covers lined with dusty purple Canson Mi-Teintes paper
64 pages of cream colored heavy weight 140gsm paper suitable for writing and mixed media
15,2×20,2×2,5cm / 6″x8″x1″

Coptic binding – white linen, antique lace, waxed linen thread, paper, board, inner covers lined with cream Canson Mi-Teintes paper
120 pages of recycled brown kraft 100gsm paper suitable for writing and sketching
16,2×23,8×2,5cm / 6.4″x9.4″x1″

Coptic binding – natural linen, antique lace, waxed linen thread, paper, board, inner covers lined with taupe Canson Mi-Teintes paper
160 pages of off-white super smooth 100gsm paper suitable for writing and dry media
12,3×17,2×2,5cm / 4.8″x6.8″x1″

Thank you all for your lovely birthday wishes! I have a very problematic relationship with my birthday but luckily this time my useless and seemingly unavoidable birthday meltdown happened so early in the day I had the chance to recover and spend a lovely evening out with friends and enjoy Jacques Brel’s songs performed in Finnish. Regardless of meltdowns, 30 is a good age to be – just old enough to baffle young international students trying to make small talk (which is a big mistake. do not try to make small talk with me. just don’t.), just young enough to baffle my amazing (and youthful) hairdresser who thought we were the same age when we’re pretty far from it.

My birthday sale went well, considering that even my mother went and bought a matchbox. Thank you! I’ve now retired some old books from the shop to be sold elsewhere and replaced them with six new journals: the above three embellished with antique lace my mother generously donated from her amazing collection of inherited textiles, and another three with plain linen covers. You can view them all here.

Another place you should visit is my dear friend Shannah’s shop; she has some amazing and lovely bunnies available I’m sure you’ll fall in love with! I have a large white Fibonacci rabbit by my bed guarding my sleep and it’s doing a good job.

Swimmers + a special sale on Etsy

It looks as though not much has changed the last time I wrote. The swimmers got a few loops of thread and I’m officially content with how this little treasure box looks like. The sun has begun to flood our home now that it’s climbing high enough to conquer the rooftops that blocked it for what seemed like an eternity (every winter feels like an eternity, even the one we just had that was shorter than any I can remember).

While I was away from my blog I was very active at starting but not finishing. Feel free to imagine all sorts of things started but not finished, because I was pretty prolific even if I say so myself. As April arrived I felt a tiny twinge, and alas, it was my backbone re-growing itself. Now there’s a nice stack of new books to be added to my shop, but you’ll have to wait a couple of days more because I deserve a little break and you deserve a little something too: tomorrow a special someone is turning 30 (hint: may or may not be me) and that someone wants to make room in her already modestly stocked shop before listing new items, so…

you’ll get a very special -30% discount of your entire order no matter how big or small (shipping excluded, sorry!) by entering the coupon code HAPPY30 at the checkout.

The code expires on Thursday the 10th, so you should be feeling a sense of urgency at the moment. I know I am – for my own reasons – I am not ready to be this old and have so many people be younger than I am. The latter part is the real problem: so many young people that feel like a foreign species. I’m forever condemned to not understand cool stuff – not that I ever understood, but there was a tiny chance of it happening anyway. So now that I’m set free from coolness, I’m off to play my favourite solitaire. (It’s Spider and I’m pretty excellent at it. Embracing my small successes here.)

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