Swimmers – work in progress

One reason I skipped making a matchbox advent calendar this past Christmas was the need to change scale. I want to make bigger pieces. Eventually. This vintage compact case is just barely larger than a matchbox but at least it’s round. It’s very rare I show my creations mid-process but it’s just because I forget to take photos and my usual creative hours are not the same hours the sun keeps. I’m not sure what happens next with this little thing so I’m taking a little breather so as not to do something stupid in a haste and ruin it.

4 x antique lace

Coptic binding – antique handwoven cotton, antique lace, waxed linen thread, paper, board,
inner covers lined with handmade deckle edge paper
56 pages of white heavyweight 140gsm drawing paper suitable for mixed media
15×12,3×2,1cm / 5.9″x4.8″x0.8″

case bound book – antique lace, handwoven artisan cotton, paper, board, linen thread,
cream colored Canson Mi-Teintes endpaper, off-white linen endbands

 56 pages of white heavyweight 140gsm paper suitable for mixed media
15,3×12,6×1,5cm / 6″x5″x0.6″

case bound book – antique lace, striped silk wool fabric, board, linen thread,
cream colored Canson Mi-Teintes endpaper, off-white linen endbands
112 pages of off-white 80gsm sketching paper suitable for dry media
10,3×15,4×1,6cm / 4.1″x6.1″x0.6″

 Coptic binding – antique linen, antique lace doily, off-white linen thread, paper, board,
inner covers lined with handmade deckle edge paper

72 pages of bright white fine grain 100gsm drawing paper suitable for mixed media
18,2×14,1×1,8cm / 7.2″x5.6″x0.7″

Just when I thought I’d be in trouble my mother replenished my antique lace collection. These won’t be the last lace notebooks for now after all; I already have plans for some of those new-to-me gems.

My wrists are all achy again, so I need to limit the time of detailed and repetitive work for a couple of days at least. Less time typing, less time creating, more time reading, perhaps. Currently working my way through a stack of Oliver Sacks books. As a person with weird brain I find it endlessly fascinating to read about people with even weirder brain. Sacks’ true stories often read like fiction but I have enough faith in him to trust that they’re real, which allows me to take a tiny break from thinking and analyzing whether or not something works or is possible. So, yeah, I’m going to now go and zone out reading neurology stuff.



case bound book with rounded spine – linen fabric / antique embroidered tablecloth, paper, board, thread, handmade endpapers
104 pages of white heavyweight 120gsm paper suitable for mixed media
15,5×14,1×2 / 6.1″x5.6″x0.8″
This is a book that really took its time. Finishing this last week led to a serious bout of reminiscing that’s still lingering. In 2005, or thereabouts, when I was doing my bookbinder’s apprenticeship, my darling mother gave me this gorgeous (but horribly torn) little tablecloth embroidered with lilac Art Nouveau flowers so I could make a book out of it. At the time I felt I still needed to work on my skills before taking my scissors to this beautiful piece of cloth, and then it only took me about nine years to get a grip and get it done. I have a love/hate relationship with one of a kind materials – it pretty much breaks my heart that I’ll never be able to make another book out of this tablecloth. There is of course the other end still left but it’s full of holes and other damage (sometimes I think my family goes by the rule that if an item fits into the washer it’s machine washable), so I’d have to get pretty creative if I want to find a use for that section. I’ll just have to keep my eyes open in the hopes of finding other damaged treasures in need of saving.
Another thing that took its time this year is Winter. -14°C today, and at last that special cold weather winter light is here, too. We had some snow before Christmas but it was soon gone, and it looked like November until a couple of days ago (November look is a bad thing, wouldn’t recommend it to anyone). I’m hoping having more light will lift my spirits and result in more new books. There are some already listed on Etsy but there are more on the way any day now. I’ll also be blogging more frequently again now that my winter semi-holiday is over, so I hope to see you here, too, soon!
PS. Take a look at Poppytalk Handmade Online Marketplace where I too have set up my stall until Feb 28th. The company there is pretty damn great, so I’d definitely pay the site a visit if I were you. Ok, bye.
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