Suddenly quite quiet, quite content

Short days that feel very long. December has been so different with all this free time. I’ve made dozens and dozens of stars and mailed them to places far away. There was a big spike in views and orders after they were featured in Remodelista; yay for that! Also, all presents wrapped already! No real need for Christmas stress this year – maybe I’ll now start worrying about getting books done for the Valentine’s so I don’t get all confused because of this stressless state of mind.

Advent calendar for V

This year I decided it was time to take a break from my traditional matchbox art advent calendar and enjoy a more relaxed December for a change. So, this time my calendar is a Christmas present just for V. 24 little presents wrapped in five sorts of kraft and vellum paper, some with embroidered or gilt numbers, some with simple hand lettered or paper cut numbers.

Days of dense snowfalls, days filled with the sound of snowploughs. Vertiginous days.

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