Shop update

Me, my poor little cameras and the daylight didn’t play well together this time, but I decided to go ahead with the shop update anyway and hope for a better light in the coming days and replace the photos. So, the above little notebooks (that you can paint to suit your mood and style) and a good bunch of coptic journals are in the shop.

Please stop by tomorrow morning to see the first matchbox of this year’s non-Christmassy advent calendar. I still have over half of the calendar to do so I’d better get offline now and make some art matchboxes.

hi! [I make books. I collect things.]

Me and my three best friends (V, camera, hairdryer) in our Berlin home. Now we’ve been back from the artist’s residency for a good while and have already had time to get ill and almost better again. (I ought to upload Berlin photos to Flickr some day soon.) Before the sniffles turned into sinusitis and after the antibiotics began to work, I’ve actually made some books and prepared for this year’s advent calendar. The inbetween time I was just sleeping and watching amazingly bad movies with almost equally ill V. So, I’m having a very slow start with my holiday shop update but I promise some truly beautiful books will be listed on Etsy in a day or three. And on December 1st the matchbox calendar is back here again. The matchboxes too will be available for purchase as soon as I have the time to list each one.

So I guess I just wanted to say hi, since it’s been too long already. And maybe I also wanted to tell how I told V last night at some odd A.M. hour that I used to collect tiny ceramic mallards when I was like 10 or something. Instead of replying with “Thank you for sharing this with me at 4:32 in the morning” like I expected him to, he said “You’ve always been a real geek”. And I guess he’s right.

(other stuff I’ve had/have collections of: stickers, Victorian scraps, popsicle sticks, stamps, buttons, dresses [honestly, I can’t deny this], vintage sewing notions, old photos of people unknown to me, beads, pretty paper scraps, chocolate cake recipes, old tins, books [obviously], stones, curly black hair I’ve found in my blonde-ish head [not blonde in the photo, though], scarves [an accidental collection], funny coloured nailpolish, things I can use for something but don’t yet know what that something is)

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