Friday morning was the first subzero one for me. When I walked to uni, the leaves on the ground were all frosty and gray, not tired and yellow like the ones in the above photo. In the afternoon, on the train, I watched rivers and ponds and lakes. The further up north I went, the more ice the lakes had. It was merely a very, very thin layer of ice, where the wind hadn’t broken it, but ice nonetheless. And the water was blacker than I could’ve imagined. Yesterday I woke up to a good four-inch slush on the ground and a light snowfall. I was most definitely not prepared for a weather like this. Maybe my poor choice of shoes will give a decent excuse to stay indoors, where it’s warm and cozy, most of my vacation week. Maybe I will finally have time to reply your messages and say hello to your lovely blogs.
(Thank you all who wished me luck. The phonetics exams went better than well.)

Matchbox Monday 12

(handmade paper by yours truly, tea-stained paper, linen thread, pencil)

a fragment from a fragmental poem I wrote earlier this year.

lessons of numbness

järjestän kämmenelleni riviin silmäripsiä
systemaattinen taittovirhe

(the Finnish part is something about eyelashes and astigmatism)

/laɪk/ & /li:k/

I like the sound of raking leaves with a steel rake (however, I do not like raking leaves). I like the maple leaves taking over streets even when there’s not a single tree in sight. I like the wind messing up my once carefully combed hair. I like walking around with a leek sticking out from my handbag. I like people commenting on said leek. I like people commenting on my groceries-as-accessories (so far: milk, oranges, a leek).

I will be back later with a matchbox if humanely possible. (I have English phonetics exam first thing tomorrow morning, and phonemically speaking /aɪm ɪgˈzɔstəd/.)

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