A collage I made on Amelia‘s great experimental art e-course before my wrist started acting up. Click to enlarge. I used old magazine images, a vintage dictionary page, recycled kraft paper, vellum paper, tissue paper, wax paper, silk thread and at least three different kinds of glue. I like glue. Almost as much as I like my knives and rulers.

I’m unnaturally fascinated by sibilants and fricatives and phonetics in general. I just wish my vocal tract would cooperate. Today everything is nasal. Apparently it’s impossible for me to go through a month without catching a cold.

The blog world has been exceptionally kind to me in the past couple of months or so. A big thank you to everyone who has featured my work in their blog or Etsy treasury, and to everyone who has told a friend about Paperiaarre or linked to my blog. It really makes me happy to see more and more people come here every day. I leave you with a couple of links tonight, but my thankyou is much larger than this small list of links.

Geninne on Girls Can Blog
edward and lilly


on Etsy
The rest of my Gocco creations. No matchbox this Monday. Tenosynovitis is my excuse. Matchboxes are too hard to make with a brace on. Hopefully I will find other ways to entertain you while my wrist recovers and I get some badly needed rest.

Gocco printed longstitch notebooks

I listed these on Etsy ages ago, but never found the time to blog about these more than a sneak peek’s worth.
The covers are recycled kraft cardboard and the antique illustrations of lips and of Myrmeleon libelloides (some kind of antlion! what? I never knew antlions were insects. well, I don’t know if I knew antlions existed until I found this illustration.) are gocco printed with dark brown ink. Both kinds of books have 72 white pages and they’re sewn with waxed natural linen thread.
These make me happy. I hope they do the same to you.
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