Often I decide it’s time to make myself a proper notebook, sometimes I make the book, seldom I actually use the book. For some reason I’m fine with books bound by others, but self made ones are trouble from the start. Maybe it is that I somehow find combining my two favorite things, bookbinding and writing, is a bad idea. My bookbinding and writing moods are quite the opposite, I need peace and quiet when I write (inside my head, for bookbinding I need those things outside it).

This one is the second real book I’ve ever made, and it took years before I even used it as a notebook, and never finished it. I did get closer to finishing it than usual, but still… all books made by me used by me end up only half-full.

My current notebook system may be a bit odd, but it works for me. I need a notebook wherever I go, even though I don’t even use one everyday, but if I don’t have one, I’m bound to come up with a master plan for the thing I’ve always wanted. But here’s how my life is organized right now: three skinny lined notebooks*, a rubber band and two or three 0.01 pens, tossed in my handbag. One of the notebooks is for crafty things, planning and writing down shopping lists for 50cm invisible zippers and teal blue sewing thread. The other is a diary/poetry/serious writing notebook. And the last (the middle one, actually) is full of diary/poetry/serious stuff but needs to be carried around everywhere because important things were written in it (just realized it would be in a much safer place at home behind several locks).
There may be hope in the world as long as there are notebooks. At least my handwriting has possibly stopped deteriorating.

Would you please tell me about your notebook? I’d love to hear what you use it for (notes, drawings, newspaper clippings?), what it looks like,  if you keep it in a special place and whatever comes to mind. You can leave a comment or you can email me (the address is in my profile). What would make me really happy is if you sent me a photo or two. I’d love to make a little blog post of other people’s notebooks too. Just write a line or two (or twenty) for me, if you’re in the mood for sharing.

This isn’t a call for artist’s notebooks! I’m interested in your notebook (simply curious, I admit!), and if you happen to be an artist, well, maybe we can both live with it 🙂 I’m equally fascinated by the notebooks of engineers and gardeners and all you people out there.

And geez, enough with the snow already!!

*from Muji, I hoard these whenever in London.

Stars & surprise giveaway

There are many uses for an old dictionary. Some of these stars ended up in our tree, some were given away to friends. A tutorial can be found here.
Back in November when I decided to make a matchbox advent calendar, I also decided something else. And so today my mother took the role of lady Fortuna and picked the winner of my surprise giveaway. Every comment left by someone not related to me, or close enough to be counted as a relative, had a chance of winning. 61 comments from 28 people (and then there were comments from m., J. and my mother; if they’re in need of a matchbox, all they have to do is ask).
Katie, congratulations! It’s been lovely to have you as a reader for such a long time. As a little thank you, you get to choose a matchbox from the calendar (there are a couple made for someone special, but the rest are yours to pick from! I’ll e-mail you soon with the details!). Some of these matchboxes I’ll be listing on Etsy early January, when I’ve returned home, so if you weren’t lucky today, there’s still a chance to grab your favorite later.
Thank you all for being here, for commenting, for emailing me. It’s been wonderful to have such a crafty finish for this year when nothing seemed to go as planned. I’m forever grateful for your support. I wish next year will be a more creative one, full of peace, laughter and love.


(paper, thread, metal)
tokens of affection pt. 5
The last day of my calendar that has nothing to do with Christmas. It was fun having you here. I’m going to take a break from making things for the rest of the year, but there should be something posted here tomorrow-ish.
I wish you all the holiday you wished for. I like my Christmas quiet and peaceful, with as little to do as possible. Today is the day we open our presents, eat traditional dishes (well, I’m picky, I barely eat anything) and then we’re already done with the holidays when the most of the Christmas celebrating world is just starting their celebrations. Suits me fine, I like the days after Christmas Eve the best.
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