Packing order plans failed

So, I’ve accidentally packed the papers I need for finishing Yann. No bookbinding posts before the move unfortunately. Must go finish with the packing, since I can’t finish the book like I had planned. Sorry everyone.

My 200th blog post will be written from my new home. See you there. Soon, hopefully!

Letter to Suzanne

A while ago I made a special matchbox letter to the lovely Suzanne of Sakurasnow, who was my 300th sale customer on Etsy (and a terrific blogger too, but sadly I can’t write letters to all of you lovely people in the blogworld). Beaches are good. Bringing things back home from the beach is almost as good. Pebbles, shells, twigs. I was just packing some things that were stored in the attic, and found a tin box, full of Brighton. I had forgotten all about it, but I swear those pebbles aren’t going back to the attic at my new home. Art will happen.

I’ve taken a couple of days off from bookbinding and just packed and packed. If I stick to my packing schedule this weekend, the beginning of next week should be strictly bookbinding. The move is on Thursday, and I hope to be back to blogging as soon as possible after the move. My internet connection should work straight away, but that’s what they said last time too… We’ll see. Some bookbinding posts will appear here before the move, so worry not, I’m not abandoning you yet.

Yann – 5

full leather binding - work in progress by Kaija Rantakari /
Oh I thought I had already lost count, but I guess this really is post number 5.

Today I got to the point where the book looks ready unless you look too closely. Before noon I had put the cover leather on, but still left the turn-ins waiting. And just when I had begun to work on them, with my first headcap (the shaped and modelled turn-in over the top and bottom of the spine) in the making (something you need to do pretty quickly and preferably at one go to avoid the over-worked look), the phone rings and my moving boxes are delivered right that moment. I went and opened the door for the men and told them to put the boxes wherever they want, I’m too busy to think, or even notice they exist. They were very understanding, did a little gawking while I worked, though. The turn-ins went fine, but it was just the perfect example of bad timing. The worst possible timing, for me. Still, alive and well, and the book looks like it’s supposed to look.

full leather binding - work in progress by Kaija Rantakari /
full leather binding - work in progress by Kaija Rantakari /
I like how the grain of the leather looks like the shadows little waves sometimes make in the bright sea bottom. Not a thing one can see in Turku, but still. I like sea and I like water, as long as I’m not in the water myself.

full leather binding - work in progress, book block still wrapped up with turn ins and headcap finished - by Kaija Rantakari /
I promised a shot of the headbands and here you can see the headcap that was made while standing at the door book in one hand and a bonefolder in the other. I’ve seen better ones, but this will have to do. And as you can see, the book block is still wrapped up to keep the moisture from the covering process away. Maybe if tomorrow isn’t all packing, I will do the leather hinges and filling in. Hoping to get this book all done before the weekend, so I can start working on the box too. All this is pretty weird because of the moving, but well, I’m staying right here until Thursday next week. Plenty of time, kind of.

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