Sunny journal

More yellow, this time in the covers of a case bound book. I’m making some books with plain linen covers for a change. No buds, birds or trees. Something for the people who like things as simple as they can be.

This book is of a larger size: it’s about size A5, approx. 6.1″x8.5″x0.6″ (15,4×21,7×1,5cm). 84 pages of grayish brown (or brownish gray) 100% recycled and acid free paper.

In order to stop plain becoming boring, there’s a little splash of color too. Red linen endbands match the mustard yellow linen and ochre endpapers perfectly.

And as you can see, there was a little sunshine yesterday too. I hope the weather stays good during my trip to Helsinki and Jokela. It’s always nice to enjoy the beautiful autumn light and fresh air in good company. The giant book fair in Helsinki may also play a little part in my weekend plans. I’ll be away until Wednesday, but you can reach me online at least on Sunday evening at the latest.

I wish you all a great weekend! See you next week!

“Sur sur” says my sewing machine

We had some autumn sunshine today and it made everything look so beautiful. Even the people walking on the streets looked happier than usual. Maybe they were happier. I think I like autumn after all. Yesterday it rained all day and I stayed home. Sewing almost all day.

I made my own version of the bag on the cover of this great book. I cut up an old wool skirt that was probably used by my mother several decades ago (she’s not really really old, but several decades anyway) and eaten a little by a moth or two some time later. Of course this skirt was saved “for crafty purposes” and I’m glad it was. I lined the bag with some Japanese goodness and used the same fabric for the handles too. Now I have a pretty bag that I don’t really need since I have more than enough bags and I use one or two, but I had a vision in a dream so I had to make it. Besides, recycling is good. Maybe the bag will be put to use some day. Or maybe someone will get a gift.

I’ve been sewing a lot lately: pouches, pencil cases and a bag. Once the sewing machine is on my work desk it’s best to make the most of it. The project that made me clear my desk for sewing purposes was a baby quilt for the little girl who became my DH’s goddaughter last Saturday. I know light blue and dark brown aren’t girly colors, but I know I can’t be the only person on earth having issues with color coded babies. Instead of girly colors the baby got some beautiful colors. A quilt and a tiny flock of three birds (one more bird was sewn by DH but I accidentally left it out of the photo). I think we’ll end up sewing these birds for all the babies that come out of our friends.

I’ve got a book waiting to be cased in so I can’t stay up all night chatting with you. I’m off to Helsinki (and thereabouts) for the weekend and early next week but I’ll do my best with taking photos of a book or two before leaving.

New colors (and old ones too)

On Saturday a little baby girl had her name giving party in Kuopio which is far far away from Turku so I spent half of my weekend sitting in trains somewhere in Finland, and seeing railway stations I hadn’t seen before. I carried my camera with me everywhere but I guess it was feeling too comfortable in my bag and didn’t want to come out. No photos whatsoever. Just my luck. I’ve been awfully forgetful lately. It’s really bad. Maybe I need another vacation to recover from the last one.

Just before rushing to the train on Friday I updated my Etsy shop a little. Some of you may have already checked it out during the weekend and seen my new zip pouches and pencil cases. I’m trying some new colors and so far I’m loving them, especially the mustard yellow. I’d never wear yellow clothes, not even scarves or gloves, but I like certain hues of yellow very much. Mustard yellow is the best kind of yellow, don’t you think?
And the two different greens are new colors too. Neither of them is really lime green kind of bright green, they’re more like grass green and fresh light green. Happy colors. Happy colors aren’t only for spring use. You need happy things all year. (This time of year makes my photos unhappy. Sorry. I keep forgetting how little natural light there is.)

I’ll be sewing some more pouches and pencil cases in the near future, in new colors and old ones too. Books are in the making too, as always. Making mustard yellow and grass green books makes me happy. What next? Pink? No, I’m not stepping that far out of my comfort zone this year. Slow and sure.

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