WIP: part IV

First of all, Thank you all for your lovely comments, emails, Etsy convos and orders! What an amazing response! (I should get featured more often :D)

After last weekend I’ve packaged and shipped numerous orders, celebrated my second wedding anniversary, had a terrible migraine, realized that I’m leaving for the honeymoon trip in no time and worked hard on my WIP book (+a custom order).

I’m decorating the book with back-pared leather on-lays. Here I’m cutting pebbles from the number three colored leather (that would be dark gray).

And here’s a part of the title. Feel free to think I’m crazy, but that doesn’t change the fact that these letters are 6mm (0.2″) tall.

All pebbles cut. I like puzzles too.

All pieces glued to the cover leather. I’ve already pared the edges and hinge area, but apparently didn’t take photos.

I’ve finished the back-paring and removed the papers from the on-lays.

Here’s the almost finished cover leather. Like some of you may remember the book is called “Musta kivi valkoisen päällä” which roughly translated means “a black rock on top of the white one”. That’s why there’s one pebble made of vellum and one made from black leather. I’ll be blind tooling “César Vallejo” in between them at a later stage.

WIP: part III

Here, on my messy work desk, is my Vallejo with the covers laced, pasted and glued in place. The pencil lines are marking the areas that I should sand later (which is actually now, but it’s too dusty to sand the covers while working on other projects at the same time).

An accidentally rotated photo of my thumb and the endbands that are nothing less than asymmetrical beadless multi colored freeform double endbands (à la Lester Capon). I decided to let the edges stay as they are. I’m usually against adding any edge decoration to books that originally didn’t have one, so this one got to stay as plain and worn as it wanted. I used Gütermann buttonhole silk in four different colors ranging from silvery gray to dark blue.

The leather paring has also started, but since my knife was apparently too shiny to be photographed, you only get to see the by-product.

Oh, the book already has a hollow back too, so I’m not too far behind from my schedule. More leather paring, cutting the leather on-lays and a little blind stamping are waiting to be done as soon as I’ve made myself to finally sand the cover boards to a nice bevel. I don’t feel at my best when wearing a dust mask and goggles, but I prefer them to having gray dust inside my nose and eyelids. Meh. I’m a good sander (?) but it’s still the least enjoyable part of bookmaking.

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