Am I famous?

Last Saturday was a mud cake eating day. I probably should bake another cake to celebrate being featured in the lovely, lovely Bloesem today! Thanks so much Irene! And now I realize that I forgot to mention that I was featured also in Poppytalk (in here and here!) some time ago! I was working so hard then that my blog got a bit neglected. Now it’s neglected because I’m “on vacation”.

Enjoy the cake while I start my new job and try to get something creative done again!

Black book & attempts to relax

Today I woke up thinking that it must rain very hard outside, but when I opened my eyes I was greeted by a warm sunshine. All that snow we had last couple of days was melting with speed and the water fell from the roof drumming like rain. I tried to keep a day off of bookbinding, which I did actually manage to do, but I did spend my day reorganizing my papers and folding little envelopes just for fun. What a workaholic.

This is one of the new books listed in the shop yesterday and I feel pretty good about it. I usually feel a bit weird when I’m not using soft or warm colors. I like black but usually not how my black books turn out. This one has silver gray pages and a pair of dark gray bird footprints stenciled onto the front cover. Simple, I know, but simple makes me happy.

Something else that’s been making me happy is Feist (her music in general), and the new album of The Kills. That Feist video is ridiculously funny, and it makes a not-so-good dancer feel good too. No need to be too serious.

How many new things?? Many, many new things.

I just finished my humongous shop update! I’ve been working so hard to not leave you empty handed when I start at the library next week. I’m not quitting bookbinding or anything, I just don’t know yet how much time and energy I have right in the beginning. New things are always stressing and tiring, but I don’t have any plans to abandon you.

And oh by is it tiring to list over forty items on Etsy at once. I don’t particularly enjoy it (click click, clickety click hrmmm…) so I’ve come to the decision that bigger batches work better for me. Now it’s done and I’m so excited over all my new treasures. There are fourteen new books, a plethora of jewelry and the apple of my eye, the first ever Paperiaarre pencil case, which I already love so much that it makes me sad to even think of parting with it. I need to sew myself another one. (Ok, I made three of these for sale, but it’s against my policy to keep things made for sale :D) Isn’t it pretty?

Buds are back in books too! There are five 4.3″x6″x0.9″ (11×15,2×2,2cm) bud books in the most charming colors.

A big batch of new botanical brooches and necklaces, and some paper and leather jewelry too! This botanical brooch is one of my favorites.

I’ll be back some other day with more photos. If you want to see the rest right now, hop over to the shop and see for yourself! Thank you my dear readers!

PS. Kotkarankki is having a giveaway!

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