Everybody needs to get lovely mail every once in a while

I’ve been really lucky to get lovely mail really often recently. Now I got Jesse‘s book I don’t like chocolate (I haven’t had the time to read it yet!) and a amazingly beautiful brooch that I bought from Karen‘s Etsy shop (and she’s just updated it, I’m particularly fond of this piece!)

Boxes have taken over our home, so they were the most appropriate background for today’s photos.

This is even more beautiful in real life! I’ll wear this when I want to feel girly.

I just finished my competition book today, only to get an email telling that the deadline has been postponed by two weeks. I really think it’s unfair to change the rules just because some people can’t make deadlines… Hmph. I probably wouldn’t be this cranky about it if I hadn’t spent the last weeks worrying about finishing the book before moving. Maybe it’s all right to be cranky about it anyway?

Drained but happy

I wish I could stay in bed for some weeks. I love our new apartment, but I most certainly don’t love moving house. We’re still at early stages with packing, and the new home doesn’t feel like home yet, for now it’s just the place to paint some furniture.

I cut my finger with a cardboard box and now I’m typing every word wrong at least once. No long stories today. I try to keep you updated, but I think I won’t be returning to my regular blogging routines until in March. We’ll be without internet connection for some days after our move, but otherwise I’m just an email away!

I miss you already!

And the winners are…

I wanted to give a chance to all last minute Hawaiians (they didn’t show up!) and the lucky winners were drawn at noon my time when it was Thursday everywhere. Thank you all for participating and leaving such lovely comments! I wish everyone could win! (not really, it would take all my time and money…)

And the winners are: Sarah & Starashan! Please contact me with your addresses 🙂

Lighting was hardly any better than last time I tried to take pictures of the cards, but here are some more photos of the same old stuff… I’ve been working hard on my competition book and I’m hoping to finish it by the end of the week! That means I haven’t had much time to make anything pretty to blog about. And we haven’t even started packing. We’ll be moving Sat 23rd… I think I’m going to be pretty busy for some days, but I promise I won’t be abandoning you for good!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I just remembered that today’s the day. We don’t celebrate it much in here. Shops are full of Valentine’s Day stuff, but it’s not a Finnish occasion in any way. I’m trying to stay away from the commercial side of the day. I hope all of you celebrating are having a great time!

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