I need a little privacy

Yesterday it was snowing so much I couldn’t get proper photos, but here they are, finally. This is a new I need a little privacy series. (How unimaginative!) It’s I need some privacy’s little sister. These are smaller, gocco printed, and not so limited edition. That simply means that I have plans to make more of these, but I think the big sister wont be coming back, at least in the same colors. Good things come in limited editions. Or something like that.

Coptic bound, covered with linen, sewn with waxed linen thread. 96 off-white pages. 4.1″x4.1″x0.8″ (10,3×10,3x2cm)

Plenty of arrangements are waiting to be done. I hate calling to customer service, no matter why I’m calling there. We should have our internet connection working pretty soon after we move, but I’m a bit stressed about it anyway. When we first got this connection it took almost two months to get it connected. Well, I’ll be just a comment or email away for now. I’m cutting down my blogging for some days as we have a dear friend and her son coming over for a while tomorrow. I can’t wait to see how B. has grown. We have already cleared the bottom part of our bookshelf 🙂 Last time I saw him he didn’t know how to crawl, now he’s running I heard.

We really are moving!

Yay! We got the second apartment we saw yesterday! Now that we have really thought about it, I think we both like it better. There’s a lot more room, a balcony, many closets, and a lets-invite-friends-for-dinner kitchen. And then there’s the elevator. We now live in the 4th floor and have no elevator. It has done wonders to my thighs, but I think I can live without that exercise.

The most exciting part is that we’re moving in there in just a couple of weeks. We planned to move in the beginning of March, but in order to get the apartment we had to agree to pay the rent already from mid February. That’s all right because it gives us a time frame of two weeks for our moving. A huge stress relief. So is the fact that we’re moving to a house on the same street, only two minutes walk from here. I feel so happy and relieved. I love our new, big home already. (It makes me dream of a sofa… oh no…)

I had already given up hope on both apartment, because earlier today I found out that the first apartment was gone, and there we’re so many people seeing the second one. I never imagined we could get it. Not only did we get it, I was told we were Chosen 😀

Lovely mail today too: a t-shirt & postcards from aMuse. Forgive me not modeling the t-shirt myself, I didn’t feel like a supermodel today. I almost never wear prints, at least not on shirts. I have one t-shirt with a print: green elephants, and the shirt used to be my father’s back then when both men and clothing used to be really skinny. I decided to give the aMuse t-shirt a try. Printed t-shirts are going to be a part of my new life.

And then there was Japanese fabric from Karaku:

And then I bought some new linens too! The seller in the fabric store thought I was a bit nuts when I carried a linen bolt after another to the cutting table and asked for 0,6 meters or something from each. And the sellers always worry if I have considered shrinkage. I keep telling them that my books aren’t machine washable.

I think I’ll have some new books ready tomorrow. I’m trying to be really busy now that I still have a lot of free time. I’m most likely starting in a part time job in the near future, and of course, moving is always a hassle.

Charmfoundry & moving & pouches

I got lovely mail again. Everything was so pretty I needed to take pictures even before opening things up. (I’ve seen before that other people do that, but usually I’m too excited to leave things unpacked for a couple of minutes.) My postcard and magnet order from Charmfoundry arrived really quickly and it caused some squeals of joy. I hope these cards can soon be a part of our new home decor. We just need to find the new home first. We’re going to go see two apartments today. Keep your fingers crossed for us! (I really don’t want to move again, but there’s no way we’re staying here because of a massive plumbing renovation coming.)

Edit: We loved the first apartment, I really hope we get it. We’ll see the other in an half an hour, I hope it’s nothing close to the first, so we don’t have to choose. That is, if we get the first one. I’m so excited!

Edit no 2: The second one was lovely too. A lot different, but lovely anyway. Both apartments have wide window sills. I would be more than happy live in either one. Now we just have to wait and hope for the best…

And here’s the first batch of finished linen pouches. I have already made a couple more with birds, and I’m planning to make some more out of the fair trade cotton.

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