Singing prohibited

Two new birdies will be on Etsy later today as well as five botanical magnets. I’m preparing a new series of books that won’t be coptic bound or linen covered or bird related. That’s about all I know about them at the moment. Something different anyway.

I’m so happy I’ve decided to buy handmade this Christmas instead of making handmade.

Now I understand why I haven’t used much black in my books for a long time. Making black covers was maybe something equally strange as me wearing red. Not as strange as me wearing yellow, but strange. I’m a brown-green-blue girl.

I had so much fun folding those little envelopes. I’ve made mostly tiny things the last couple of days. It makes me feel like I haven’t actually done anything, but whoa, nothing can be very time consuming. I’ve had very energetic time, listening to Joy Division and Feist, twitching (no, no dancing) to the music whenever taking a break from cutting something. On Tuesday I went to see Control with M. (she made her debut at karhupuku just a while ago) and really loved it. It was so nice to see a well made movie with great actors and great music. It probably was the last movie I’ll ever see in Kino Thalia, which will be shut down at the end of the year. It’s sad but really no wonder as there was only three people watching Control. Usually there has been at least four of us in the audience, I think eight is the record.

Let me spill my heart

Last night, all of a sudden, I remembered something. Six years ago we were both walking with someone else, on a muddy road, on a foggy and cold day. And we both were afraid of losing each others to the one whom with the other was walking. I walked with a young man, who could have been my best friend if we would have met again. He was the first, and so far the last, young man in my life to wear a trench coat. I watched fog monsters above the unknown lake with him. And then walked back the road, and met with the other walkers. Maybe that meeting on the muddy road was what made it clear that I wouldn’t marry anyone with a trench coat but someone with wild laughter and an overall looks of a deer in the headlights.

I don’t know what happened to the boy with the trench coat, but I married the crazy one and I love him to pieces. On Sunday his first book of poems was published. You can buy it here, if you understand Finnish or if you just want to be a part of this all. This is my first time as a cover girl.


Three coptic bound bird journals are here, and very soon on Etsy, too. Two more are to come, as soon as I finish sewing them. I really wish I had the energy to write the zillion things I planned to write today. But I’m not going to write, see the end of this blog entry for explanation.

Even though I had a partly very crappy day, I’d like to hug the blogosphere for being so nice to me. There’s this blog of which title I fell in love the minute I first read it. Then I fell in love with the blog. And now I’m in it! So go see Paperiaarre at My love for you is a stampede of horses.

Sturdy boards are covered with linen and decorated with a hand stenciled bird in front cover. 128 pages of brownish gray, 100% recycled acid free paper, sewn with waxed natural linen thread.

5.9″x5.7″x0.7″ (15×14,4×1,8cm)

And yes, what on earth is this??

This is me being a complete idiot. This is a post office queue number. I waited for half an hour just to realize that my turn went before I learned how to move my feet again. I was so numb from all that waiting and the tourists around me that I just left. It was too late to wait another half an hour in order to get my things shipped today. I felt like crying because I was so tired and stupid. Tomorrow is a new day. I hope I have a new brain when I wake up.
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